Bullfrog Boats

About Bullfrog Boats

Since 1997 Bullfrog Boats have produced more than 600 boats. The use of the most durable and reliable materials together with the latest production techniques made our product recognizable. Today Bullfrog Boats has become one of the most popular boats in the NW and gaining in popularity all over North America. It's tough to find a harbor that doesn't have a Bullfrog!

Bullfrog Boats are multipurpose boats (image below). From yacht tendering, fishing, crabbing and commuting to professional diving and even rescue Bullfrog Boats always provide plenty of fun on the water. Our boats are factory assembled. Their accessories can be customized to meet your specific needs the best!

To help you navigate through the vast variety of our boat proposal we've collected some feedback from our clients where they highlight main and their most favorite features for Bullfrog Boats. We hope this will help you find the best Bullfrog to your needs.!