Bullfrog Boats

Bullfrog's polyethylene flotation collar has five times the impact resistance of fiberglass. Through-hull colors are UV protected and they resist fading and scratches.


Foam-filled construction keeps a Bullfrog afloat under the most extreme conditions, even if capsized, punctured or swamped. With a Bullfrog there is no inflating, no deflating, no worries.


The solid (bolted together) wide stance of a Bullfrog makes getting on board and off a sure-footed experience. The semi-deep V-hull provides a dry, stable ride.

4. Bolted! Not just glued!

Bullfrog's production techniques make our boats even more durable. Well made, sturdy Bullfrog parts when bolted together will work much better than when glued.


Bullfrog Boats are manufactured with our customers' safety in mind. Unlike the majority of inflatable boats on the market, our boats are constructed using virtually indestructible, seamless polyethylene tubes with internal flotation foam – creating a virtually unsinkable, extremely stable and safe craft with five times the impact resistance of typical fiberglass boats.

All bullfrogs are built using the highest quality materials and modern manufacturing techniques. Precise CAD Engineering and computer controlled laser and router cutting machines are used so quality is built in. Marine grade aluminum is used for the hull, transom and lift eyes.


Cleaning Your Bullfrog Boat

Bullfrog Boats are a low maintenance craft that are easy to clean and maintain. To clean the plastic tubes, use a short bristle scrub brush and Simple Green or other high quality cleaner. A pressure washer works well, but be careful near the logos to avoid damaging them. If you get a stain on the Bullfrog, household bleach works well. The plastic will not be damaged by acetone, lacquer thinner or any chemical solvents, but be sure to take appropriate safety precautions when using these products!

The aluminum hull requires minimal maintenance. Be sure to replace the zincs as required. If you decide to leave your Bullfrog in the water and you wish to bottom paint the boat, a barrier coat to protect the aluminum hull from the bottom paint is required. Follow paint manufacturer's recommendation for paint application.


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If you are not using your Bullfrog, it will be happier out of the water with the drain plug out to allow water to drain out.