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Bullfrog Testimonials

Bullfrog Boats Testimonials

Whether you want an inflatable style utility boat for fishing, are in need of a yacht tender or just want to have fun zipping around on the water, with three sizes and multiple configurations to choose from, there's a Bullfrog to meet every need!

Our customers are happy to share their feedback and experiences using Bullfrog Boats with you. These are real people telling how much they love there bullfrog boats.

What impresses me most about my 10' Bullfrog Utility boat is its versatility. I use my Bullfrog both as a tender and for fishing. I've rigged my utility boat with downriggers and an anchoring system - it's all set up for a great day of fishing.
I've fished in the oceans off of Newport, Oregon, and in rivers. I've caught lots of salmon and halibut - it's an outstanding little boat.

Lanny Crocker | Newport, OR