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Still Time To Attend | 2024 Seattle Boat Show | Bullfrog Boats

Alex Bullfrog Boats at the Seattle Boat Show
2024 Seattle Boat Show | Bullfrog Boat Display


Bullfrog Boats | No Inflating, No Deflating | At the Seattle Boat Show!

If you are in the market for a durable, stable tender, utility boat or dinghy, our Bullfrog’s are designed for your piece of mind. With no inflating, no deflating, there are no worries! Our manufacturing crews have worked hard to build up a large inventory of Bullfrog models to choose from. Whether you want an inflatable style utility boat for fishing, need a yacht tender or just want to have fun zipping around on the water, with multiple sizes and configurations to choose from, there's a Bullfrog Boat to meet every need!

There is still time to attend the 2024 Seattle Boat Show and see the Bullfrog Boat’s on display! The show goes through February 10th, 2024. Thank you to all who have visited our display so far at the Lumen Field Event Center - North Hall - Booth: 124. We’d also like to thank our current Bullfrog Boat owners who have stopped in to tell us how much they love their Bullfrog Boats.

Our Bullfrog Boat models displayed at the Seattle Boat Show:

  • 17' Sport Utility - Pilothouse: 90hp Honda

  • 17' Sport Utility: 90hp Honda

  • 11.5' Yacht Tender: 30hp Tohatsu

  • 10' Yacht Tender: 20hp Tohatsu


Visit our website to see a full list of models Bullfrog Boat offers. Click here.

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